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Dear Member,

This is to inform you about a planned temporary suspension of our Top Earners Market (TEM) and Top Earners Africa (TEA) platforms from 24.10.2021. During this time all activities that relate to staking or re-staking, deposits, withdrawals, peer to peer, purchase of tem coin, raising of any type of support ticket, as well as the creation of any new staking accounts, will not be possible, as we commence the process of migrating data to our new and robust, most efficient, effective and advanced ACEX platform.

Those intending to stake, transfer ROI, or use ROI to purchase tem coin have up to 24.10.2021 to do the same.

Also, note that;
1. Staking panels will be disabled on Sunday 24.10.2021 at midnight EAT.
2. The deadline for raising a Support Ticket will be Thursday 21.10.2021 at midnight EAT. This will give the Admin team 72 hours to handle all the Tickets relating to cancellation & upgrading before the deadline of 24.10.2021.

The ACEX platform when completed will be an infrastructure that will host all our native products including; XTEM, TEM, TEA, TE Resources, TE Payment Gateway, TE Micro Funding, and TE Red Planet. It will chiefly be a one-stop shop for the trading of all asset classes including, Cryptocurrencies, Forex pairs, Metals, and Indices. It is already designed to solve all the challenges that characterized the old TEM and TEA platforms swiftly, efficiently, and seamlessly. Subsequently, TEM and TEA staking panels will be reopened on our brand new ACEX platform upon launch, at a date to be communicated very soon.

We take this time to thank you for your patience and support thus far and humbly request that you accord us more of the same as we start this new phase in our journey to re-writing the African story globally.

Yours Sincerely,
T.E Markets